đŸ“ĨManage Twitter DM Campaigns through Social Inbox

Using our social inbox feature, you can manage and respond to leads directly via Blaze. Blaze's social inbox supports the following features:

  1. Respond to leads real time: Blaze's Social Inbox enables marketing teams to engage with leads from twitter campaigns real-time. Answer queries, address concerns, or simply interact with the audience real time without leaving the platform through Social Inbox.

  2. Collaborate and manage multiple twitter accounts: Team members can run twitter dm campaigns, view, and respond to messages across different twitter accounts from one inbox allowing easier and effective collaboration. The Social Inbox at Blaze offers a centralized platform for managing all twitter dm conversations and is structured as follows:

    1. All Messages: This section displays every message received to the respective twitter account providing a comprehensive view of all communications.

    2. Unread Messages: Here, find messages that haven't been opened or read yet, and easily identify unread messages and new communications.

    3. Acknowledged: This section shows messages that have been read or acknowledged, indicating that they've been noted or acted upon.

    4. Recent Response: This section lists the most recent messages that you or your team have responded to, helping you track ongoing conversations and recent engagements.

  3. Start new conversations with leads: Start new twitter dm conversations by clicking on the "Add contact" button and enter the recipient's twitter account handle to start a conversation directly from Blaze's social inbox.

  4. Search for contacts: Use the search toggle to search for leads from across the twitter dms. This feature helps in identifying important conversations efficiently.

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