Affiliate Program

Who should apply to the Blaze Affiliate Program?

If you're in the web3 space or have an audience of web3 enthusiasts, this is for you!

Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?

Nope! It's totally free.

What is the commission per subscription?

Partners will earn a commission of 50% on every paid subscription by users they’ve referred. Note that only plan revenue(base, plus, premium, enterprise) will be considered for commission. One time credit top-ups and seat add-ons will not count.

How long do users have to upgrade to a paid subscription?

Users have 12 months from their initial sign-up to upgrade to a paid subscription to be eligible for commissions.

What if the user upgrades/downgrades?

Commissions will adjust accordingly. Downgrades to a lower plan will lead to a 50% commission on the lower plan, while upgrades will lead to commission on the higher plan from the month that they upgrade/downgrade.

Are there any disallowed traffic sources?

We welcome a variety of promotion methods to offer you the flexibility to select the approach that best suits you. However, affiliates are prohibited from competing with Blaze’s advertising or engaging in deceptive practices - bots, spam emails or other forms of deceptive advertising.

How do I get paid?

Affiliates are paid through PayPal. A minimum of $10 is required for withdrawals.

What is the cadence of payouts?

Payments are processed at the end of the quarter for the earnings of users who have signed up atleast 1 month prior.

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