📈Measure cross-platform marketing campaigns

With Blaze, you can easily measure the performance of your community and marketing campaigns across Discord, Twitter, and transaction metrics. We make it easy for you to understand which kind of organic content and engagement strategies performs better and leads to the outcomes you are looking for.

Here is a quick video overview:

How to use Time-based growth metrics to evaluate a campaign

We pull in past tweets and Discord announcements to make it easy to mark one or a group as an event or campaign and see what happened as a result of it.

We pull in all Discord messages that have used the word "@here", "@everyone" or take place in a channels that has the word announcements in the name. You can see these in the Campaigns, Add/Edit section under Tweets. You may need to scroll to the bottom of the tweets to see these to a campaign.

To create a campaign based on a past Tweet or Discord announcement:

  1. If you have tweets or Discord announcements you want to add, click Create Campaign.

  2. Give your campaign a name and click into it

  3. Add the tweets / announcements to the campaign

  4. Now head to the Campaigns, Analytics tab to see how many new Discord members, Twitter followers and unique active discord members you have in the 1 day, 1 week and 2 weeks after the time of the event in the

If you just want to make an event or campaign launch without adding content, click Add Event on the management tab and enter the start / launch date of the campaign.

If you add multiple announcements or tweets to the campaign, we calculate these metrics based on the first event in the campaign group (or campaign launch).

How to use Overlays to evaluate a campaign or event

Once you have got the hang of creating campaigns you can easily begin to figure out which campaigns actually drive engagement. Make sure the campaigns you want to see on charts are checked in the Campaign, Management tab.

Please note, if there are multiple events in the campaign on different dates, the overlay will be based on the first event or launch date.

To use Overlays effectively, you need to decide what your community KPIs are. We often see people track unique daily active members to evaluate community events. Most engagement oriented metrics can be found in the Discord, Overview and Discord, Engagement tabs.

Then, you can look at how many unique daily active members you have before the event and after the event. Once you overlay the campaigns on charts, it is super easy to measure impact!

For example, in the image below, you can see that around the time of the AMA there were more unique daily active members than later the month..

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