Telegram filters

General Filters:

  1. Using Search: This as an open search filter which allows you to enter any keyword/phrase. This filters values across the Telegram database.

  2. Exclude bots: Helps exclude bot accounts from the database

  3. Exclude potentially fake accounts: Helps exclude potentially fake accounts from the database

  4. Exclude non-premium telegram users: Helps exclude non-premium telegram users from the database

Personal Filters:

  1. First Name: First name associated with the user

  2. Last Name: Last name associated with the user

  3. Username: Telegram user name associated with the user (usually comes in the format of<username>

  4. Bio: Bio / Summary associated with the user

  5. Groups they are a member of: Indicates the telegram groups that they are associate with or a part of.

Advanced Filter operations

  1. Include: This allows you to include a set of phrases/keywords

  2. Exclude: This allows you to exclude a set of phrases/keywords

  3. Min: Checks if the chosen measure is more than a specified value.

  4. Max: Checks if the chosen measure is less than a specified value.

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