🤝Workspace Settings

Collaborators and team

How can I add a team member as a collaborator?
  • Head to Settings

  • Click on Teams tab

  • Click on the Add collaborators button

  • Enter the email IDs of the collaborator to be added

  • Click on the Save button

Refer to this document for access control and advanced settings

How many collaborators can be added to the workspace?

You can add any number of collaborators to your workspace by purchasing the required number of seats at $99/seat.

On the base plan, there are no additional seats and on the plus and premium plan, there is one additional seat. If you require additional seats, you can purchase them via this link.

How can I remove collaborators from the workspace?

To remove a collaborator from the workspace: Click on the remove button against the users email ID to remove them from the workspace.


How can I integrate a new Twitter handle?
  1. Head to the integration page under the settings section

  2. Click on "Connect" under the Twitter Card to integrate another account

Note: Each seat allows two integrations, hence the purchase of seats will be required to add more integrations. Base Plan allows only the 2 integrations and the Plus and Premium plan allows only the 4 integrations.

How do I delete an integration?

Please reach out to our team on team@withblaze.app to delete your integration.

Deletion and Deactivation

How can I delete my account?

Please reach out to our team on team@withblaze.app to delete your account.

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