Curated segments

Curated segments are pre-populated segments that have been hand-crafted by the Blaze team based on data from top performing keywords, hashtags, links and tweet engagement to kickstart lead generation. You can find leads based on filters beyond the ones available in Audience builder, without the time and hassle to create your own audience. We include segments for web3 and web2 focused industries.

Locked segments

While a selection are available for free (try the "Free" filter), some require Credits to access. Credits required are calculated based on the engagement potential of the segment (measured by the number of open DMs and wallet mappings), ensuring you reach the most interested and relevant leads.

Segment categories

Different Curated segments are grouped into the following categories to make it easy to explore & find the right one for you:

  • KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders): they're individuals or entity with significant expertise and influence in the blockchain and crypto space. They're perfect candidates for affiliate programs and are often on the lookout for ways to monetize their audiences. Check out how you can Reach out to Web3 KOLs with Twitter (X) DMs on Blaze. This segment category contains segments like: DeFi KOLs, Bitcoin Maxis, NFT KOLs, P2E (Play to earn) KOLs, and more.

  • Web3 Projects: contains segments with profiles of Web3 and DeFi companies.

  • Web3 Founders: contains segments with profiles (Twitter & LinkedIn) of Web3 founders such as: Safary list founders, Web3 CTOs, Web3 CEOs, Web3 Head of Marketing, Ex FAANG in Web3m and more. Check out how you can Reach out to Web3 Founders with Twitter (X) DMs on Blaze.

  • Web3 Employees: contains people employed in the Web3 space.

  • Power on-chain users: they're influential users with significant on-chain activity. Find segments like: Uniswap Liquidity provider, Top Debank Whales, Crypto Miners, Farcaster users, Airdrop Hunters, and more in this category.

  • Twitter: collects every segment from Twitter.

  • LinkedIn: collects every curated segment from LinkedIn.

  • Purchased: collects purchased segments.

  • Web2: curated segments outside of web3, that showcase using the core marketing automation tool for software companies across company size.

  • Blaze Exclusive: segments exclusively created on Blaze, because of on-chain and off-chain data we have access to.

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