🔄Auto-send forms to new Discord users

If you want to more seamlessly onboard new users into your community, we offer flows to automatically send welcome messages to new users. To collect more info from users, you can add a form link and offer a reward to those who fill out the form.

Please note, Discord automations through BotDisco are included in the Blaze Plus plan. Please contact team@withblaze.app to get a discount code to set up for free.

To set up form auto-sending:

  1. Set up Botdisco, our Discord automations tool. Integrate your Discord and select the server you want to set up the flow on.

  2. Click "+ New Flow" at the bottom of the example workflows.

  3. Select the "User joins server" trigger

  1. Select the action "Send Direct Message" or "Send Channel Message" depending what you need.

  1. Input the content of the message you want to send and toggle the workflow on.

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