Rewards, Social Referrals and Quests

Blaze Rewards allows you to create reward programs that incentivize social actions.

Note: Integration of Twitter, Discord and Telegram is required to select respective actions on each of these platforms.

These are the three key steps to running a Rewards campaign:

Step 1: Create a Rewards Campaign

  1. Setup Onboarding form

  2. Choose actions and tasks to be performed and allot points

  3. Launch the Rewards Campaign

Create a Rewards Campaign

Step 2: Conduct outreach and track quest performance

  1. Create a quest page and leaderboard to distribute it to the participants.

  2. Track the quest activity and participation through the activity tracker dashboard on Blaze

  3. You can also edit your campaign through the activity tracker page

Share quest page and track performance

Step 3: Distribute Rewards

  1. Distribute rewards in the form of points or value.

You can also edit your campaign through

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