Insights into who are we as a company

What is Blaze?

Blaze brings together off chain and on chain data to help companies run targeted marketing campaigns and deliver personalized product experiences to their users.

For marketers, community managers, or founders out there seeking a unified marketing solution, you are in the right place.

How are we doing it differently?

Current Lead Gen, CRM, and user acquisition tools are not equipped to leverage on-chain data and social data as key attributes, nor do they keep track of alternative financing sources such as token funding events. Current tools also don't play nice with new organic growth channels such as Discord and Twitter. This is where we step in. You can utilize the Blaze tool set to:

â–ļī¸ Target users by generating detailed insights based on their on/off-chain behavior

â–ļī¸ Start multi-channel campaigns & manage them all at one place

â–ļī¸ Understand the habits of current & prospective users so you can expand your target audiences & provide better support

Getting Started

Welcome! Let's dive into our app's features, usage, and how to get started to ensure you maximize its potential. We'll explore popular use cases that illustrate its versatility. Ready to navigate and optimize your experience with us? Let's dive right into it! 😌

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