Overview of workflows

Find a brief overview of how we help you with growth and user engagement.

Lead Gen + Enrichment

  • Find leads from social signals or our data base of 150MM profiles across LinkedIn and X. Filter on social signals from X, LinkedIn, Discord and Telegram, as well as wallet signals like which tokens are held, smart contracts are interacted with, and value held on chain.

Marketing Orchestration

  • Launch personalized multi-channel dm, ad and quest campaigns on to power acquisition, onboarding, loyalty & re-engagement.

  • Keep a track of growth, retention, sentiment & response times as well as technical insights like Click rates with conversion overview to evaluate & optimize campaigns.

Unified Inbox and CRM

  • Use our CRM to generate segments of all those folks who have interacted with your smart contract, filter on the highest value users, and find overlapping attributes and behaviors that can help you find more similar users.

  • Aggregate all replies to all targeted outreach

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