Understand Twitter growth and engagement

We help you establish a number of growth and Engagement metrics so you can monitor and improve your Twitter growth and engagement.

Twitter, Overview tab

Daily cumulative follower count: This measures how many Twitter followers you have are on any given day.

Daily follower changes: This chart shows the change in account followers on any given day. If it’s positive you gained new followers, if it’s negative you lost followers

Daily engagement rate: This displays the average engagement rate on any given day. To calculate engagement rate for each tweet, or any time period, we sum up all engagements (including retweets, likes, replies, quotes, user profile and URL link clicks) and divide by total impressions for that tweet for for tweets during that time period

Weekly engagement rate: As above, calculated on a weekly basis.

Daily counts by tweet type: This chart shows the number of tweets posted each day, broken out by the type of tweets

Twitter, Top Tweets tab

Top Tweets table: This shows the relative engagement metrics for each past tweet. You can see enagagement rate, engagement counts and break fowns, impression counts and link clicks at a tweet level here. You can filter and sort to identify which type of content performs best.

You can change the time period by clicking the calendar icon on the top right of tabs with charts. Only Plus plan users can backfill all historical data.

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