🎁Distribute NFTs to your users

Looking for a way to keep your community engaged? Or incentivize community members to evangelize your product or share more personal information? NFT loyalty programs are one way to do this.

With Blaze, you can distribute Polygon NFTs to your users when they fill out a form, or engage proactively in your Discord server.

How to reward people who have filled out a form with an NFT

  1. First of all, create a form to solicit more information from users. See more on how to do that below.

✍ī¸pageCreate and share a form
  1. Once you have the responses, click the "View responses" button on the forms page.

  2. Click the "Distribute NFT" button on the top right of the form responses table. This will enable you to distribute NFTs to all wallets you have collected at that point in time.

  3. Enter collection name, description, and the image to be used for the NFT.

Note: Once you distribute the NFTs to form respondents, that form will close.

  1. Click the "Distribute NFTs" button below the collection info.

  2. You'll be redirected back to the responses table. Refresh the page and click on the "Created NFTs" button to see the collection you just created and the transactions sending NFTs to the wallets in the form.

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