Share quest page and track performance

Post the creation of the rewards campaign, you will be led to the activity tracker page of the campaign where you can create a public facing quest page, leaderboard and track the quest performance

Create a quest page

  1. Click on the "Create a Quest" button to create a public quest page that can be shared with the participants.

  1. Add a suitable title and page description to the quest page. Upload a logo, banner and leaderboard background for the quest page and click create quest page.

Distribute quest page and leaderboard

Distribute the public quest page and leaderboard using the custom links for them respectively. This is available on the activity tracker page.

Blaze provides outreach tools such as automated email and twitter dm campaigns through which you can distribute your quest page

Track quest performance

View the activity of your rewards campaign and the participant standings of your quest through the activity tracker. To obtain the latest data, click on the "Refresh Data" button.

You can also further export this by clicking the "Export as CSV" button

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