🪇Start Ad Campaigns using Blaze

Create, start & manage end-to-end X Ad Campaigns with our custom audience builder

Why do you need another campaign manager?

The pain point: X's native targeting features are not built for Web3. There's no way to target folks who - hold a certain token, participated in a previous airdrop, have a minimum portfolio balance, etc. with custom filters & insights. Let's dive into the steps to address these with Blaze & save your ad spend⏬

Step 1. Integrate your X Ads account :

Set up your X Ads account to launch an advertising campaign by choosing an objective, customizing your ad delivery, and deciding on a campaign budget and schedule on the platform.

Step 2. Start an Ad Campaign on X via any of the 2 methods :

A. Self serve campaign creation (DIY):

a) Create a custom X Audience + a lookalike audience based on your existing Segment :

Select from saved or curated segment/segments to build your lookalike audience. Boost the same Ad Campaign's reach by targeting a much larger, relevant audience. Talk to us about recommending in systems huh 💁‍♀️

The Audience Overview generates crucial insights like Tokens, or Balance categories, for your on-chain & off-chain users, allowing you to refine your outreach strategy before launching the campaign.

b) Create a lookalike X audience for your existing Blaze Segment :

Select a Segment from the saved or curated segments list as well as the Custom Audience you just created, and target X users in a certain location based on your aggregated customer base. Create and schedule a draft campaign to reach your audience worldwide at their local time.

Now that you’ve your list of recipients ready, curate a template for your ad campaign after finalising the objective, budget, & schedule, which can be changed later. Review your draft campaign reflected in the X Ads Manager dashboard & launch with any additional required changes.

B) Request a managed campaign :

Need end to end assistance with starting & managing custom ad campaigns on X for your brand? Book a demo to start.

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