How to split a segment into multiple subsegments for A/B testing

You can now split and truncate your Blaze segments. This can help you set up A/B campaigns and is a easy way to pick top leads for your DM campaigns. Follow the following steps to split and truncate a lead list:

  1. Filter and select leads basis your requirements and click on the "+ Create Segment" button

  2. Blaze allows you to split segments basis size and the leads can be ordered by various attributes while splitting. Enter the different segment sizes basis your requirement.

  3. Select the attributes that you wish to order by. Currently Blaze supports the following attributes by which you can order the leads while segmented:

    • Total followers

    • Total following

    • Ethereum Token Portfolio Value (USD)

    • Polygon Token Portfolio Value (USD)

    • Optimism Token Portfolio Value (USD)

    • Base Token Portfolio Value (USD)

    • Arbitrum Token Portfolio Value (USD)

    • BSC Token Portfolio Value (USD)

    • NFT Portfolio Value (ETH)

    • Unique Tokens

    • Bitcoin Balance

  4. Alternatively, you can also randomize leads while splitting and truncating a lead list. This is best suited for A/B testing.

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