🧙How to use Segment Wizard to build lead lists instantly

Generate up to 10k leads in seconds using the Segment Wizard

Segment Wizard quickly crafts audience segments from Twitter or on-chain activity of potential or existing users. It's ideal for maximizing leads during tight schedules. User identification is enabled based on:

  1. Tokens Held: Under the tokens held page, you can filter based on these two conditions:

    1. Chains: Filter audiences based on the chains that you are interested in. You can select one of Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, BSC

    2. Token Addresses: Filter audiences based on their token addresses.

  2. Accounts Followed: Tailor your audience by choosing from the dropdown or entering the handles they follow.

  3. Interest: Under the Interest page, you can filter based on these conditions:

    1. Keywords: Enter the keywords that you are interested in

    2. Accounts Followed: Filter based on the accounts followed by a user (competitive research)

    3. Bio: Filter based on the bio of the user

  4. Segment Size: This is best part where you can literally generate leads in the range of 100 to 10k in a few seconds! Steps involved are:

    1. Select the number of users you want in your segment

    2. Name your segment

Use the Segment Wizard to tailor your marketing strategies effectively for:
  1. Market Research: Uncover crypto trends and behavior with analysis of token holdings and Twitter activity.

  2. Community Building: Identify engaged members for blockchain projects using the Twitter activity analysis.

  3. Influencer Marketing: Find crypto influencers with Twitter interaction analysis for optimized marketing.

  4. User Segmentation: Segment crypto users effectively Twitter bios and keywords analysis for tailored marketing.

Here's us showing you an use case of curating a segment of the Ethereum ecosystem users 👇

All these filters work on the "OR" condition which means you choose to skip any of the above user identification steps. It enhances flexibility to customize audience building.

OR (Disjunction)

  • If this is selected, a result will be considered a match if it satisfies ANY of the applied filters. For example, using the OR toggle would show results with the specified "Username" OR having "Total Followers" > 1000, rather than needing to satisfy both.

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