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Twitter DMs

Can bulk sending DMs block my account?

No, bulk sending DMs through Blaze won't block your account. We ensure that the DMs are sent out in batches with adequate time intervals that twitter does not flag.

How many DMs can I send in a day?

The optimal no of DMs that the platform sends for one account in a day is 480.

How do I exclude people I have already messaged from my DM campaign?
  1. Click on the ellipsis next to the filters panel.

  2. Select the checkbox against "Exclude previously messaged leads".

  3. Click on the Apply button.

How do I pause a campaign?
  1. Head to "Campaigns" through the nav bar

  2. Click on "Twitter Campaigns"

  3. Select the campaign that you wish to pause.

  4. On the campaign page, click on the "Pause Campaign" button on the top right

How do I delete a campaign?

To delete a campaign, reach out to support@withblaze.app

What is the character limit for DMs?

We limit the DMs are 10,000 characters. For higher response rates, we suggest you to limit messages to 500 characters.

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