For workspace owners

Admins of the workspace can create tweet drafts, schedule tweets, and post real time tweets

Add your team as collaborators in your workspace providing limited access to create and schedule twitter posts.

Adding collaborators to your workspace:

  1. Head to Settings

  2. Click on Teams tab

  3. Click on the Add collaborators button

  4. Enter the email IDs of the collaborators to be added

  5. Click on the Save button

Access control and permissions:

  1. On default, collaborators don't have admin access to the workspace

  2. To provide Admin access

    1. Click on the Make Admin Button

  3. To allow collaborators to schedule twitter posts:

    1. Click on the push notification against "Allow Collaborators to schedule twitter posts" under the Additional Settings tab

  4. To remove Admin Access

    1. Click on the revoke access button against the users email ID

  5. To remove a collaborator from the workspace:

    1. Click on the remove button against the users email ID

Approving requests:

  1. In order to approve requests made by collaborators:

    1. Head to the Social Management Tab

    2. Click on Posts

    3. Click on Requests button

    4. You can schedule, approve and convert the request to a draft post'

Drafts created by collaborators and admins in the workspace can be viewed and edited by everyone in the workspace

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