Discord Filters

AND (Conjunction)

When selected, all applied filters must be met concurrently for an entry to be considered a match. For example, if you've filtered by "Discord Name" that "Contains" a certain word, AND by "Engagement" level that exceeds a specific threshold, only entries that fulfill BOTH these conditions will be displayed.

OR (Disjunction)

When selected, an entry will be considered a match if it meets ANY of the applied filters. Using the same example, selecting OR will show entries with the specified "Discord Name" OR the desired "Engagement" level, without needing to satisfy both criteria.

  • Discord ID: User's unique identifier assigned on Discord.

  • Discord Name: User's display name or nickname on Discord.

  • Sentiment: The general feeling, attitude, or perception derived from the content shared by the individual. The available options are either neutral, negative or positive.

  • Engagement: Metrics or indicators showing how actively the user participates or interacts on Discord.

  • Messages: The number of messages an individual has sent on Discord.

  • Channels: Specific channels where the individual is active or participates.

  • Date Joined: The specific date when the individual joined a particular server.

  • Roles: Specific permissions or titles assigned to the individual within a Discord server.

  • ETH Balance: The balance of Ethereum associated with the Discord individual.

  • ERC20 Holdings: Tokens that the individual holds which follow the Ethereum ERC20 token standard.

  • ERC721 Holdings: Tokens held that adhere to the Ethereum ERC721 (often associated with NFTs) standard.

  • Twitter Handle: The individual's Twitter account.

  • Tags: Specific labels or keywords associated with the individual.

  • Notes: Additional information or remarks saved for the individual.

Filter Options

  • Contains: Checks if the chosen characteristic contains a specific sequence of characters.

  • Equals: Checks if the chosen characteristic exactly matches a given value.

  • Starts With: Checks if the chosen characteristic starts with a specified sequence of characters.

  • Ends With: Checks if the chosen characteristic ends with a specified sequence of characters.

  • IsEmpty: Checks if the chosen characteristic has no value or data.

  • IsNotEmpty: Checks if the chosen characteristic has some value or data.

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