đŸ’ŦMeasure Discord engagement

We help you establish a number of engagement metrics so you can monitor and improve your community engagement.

Discord, Overview page

Active members over time: This measures the number of unique members sending at least one message on any given day

Messages over time: This measures the number of messages being sent on any given day

Discord, Engagement page

Top messages by reactions in the last day: This measures which messages got the most reactions in the last day.

Most active channels in last 15 days: This highlights the top channels by activity and shows total message volume in those channels in the last 15 days.

Messages over time: This lets you check the aggregate message volumes in the last 15 days of any channels. This can help you inform Discord channel strategy.

Message volume by time of day heat map (UTC): This measures which is the busiest time of day by messages volume. The darker boxes show higher server activity based on number of messages being sent. We calculate this by getting an average number messages sent at any given hour and day of the week during the timer period selected.

You can change the time period by clicking the 3 dots icon on the top right of tabs with charts.

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