📨Sequences - Run multi-step DM campaigns on autopilot

Schedule 24/7 automated Twitter campaigns to never miss out on a prospect/lead

Blaze allows you to automate DM workflows that can help you follow up with leads who do not reply.

How do you start, save, run & edit a sequence successfully?

Step 1: Navigate to the sequences button available on the left sidebar & click on "New DM Campaign"

Step 2: Choose the X account & lead segment from the dropdown for your outreach sequence

Step 3: Now you can Add Actions. Actions are the building blocks of a sequence, arranged in a specific order to execute a cohesive direct messaging campaign. Each action is designed to trigger automatically based on predefined conditions, such as whether someone responded or now. You can also set a time delay for follow-ups.

Step 4: Add content with the messages you want to send and set a campaign end step at the end of each path in your campaign.

We recommend setting follow-up time delays to 1-2 days for standard outreach campaigns.

Step 5: Give a name to your campaign. You're now ready to launch your campaign!

The active campaigns will appear on your dashboard & get updated with lead data upon execution. You can stop the campaign at any point in time by toggling, editing the previous steps & resume.

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